Our skilled craftsmen perform metal bending, fabrication to your precise needs. We employ several pieces of proprietary equipment to bend steel and fabricate steel to the highest standards in the market. All our bending, fabrication and structural construction delivers exceptional quality, with astonishingly minimal distortion, deformities or marring .

Our industrial steel rolling and forming services use the same approach: perfect circles with taut radii, formed to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

When welding, drilling or band sawing is involved, our experienced team gets it done … a value-add so you don’t have to waste time finding yet another vendor.

We’ll procure the materials for our work, too. We understand if your time is better spent on things other than chasing down suppliers.

Cutting and Bending

Our skilled team will bend steel to your exact specifications, without compromising on your project schedule because we understand how important your time is to you. You don’t have to shop around get in touch with us

Steel Fabrication

We pride ourselves in being a one stop solution center for the construction of steel structures. Our technical team will fabricate and install steel structures for whatever requirement from construction, mining to advertising signage. You don’t have to shop around get in touch with us

Steel Fixing

With over 20years in the steel industry we can guarantee that we can deliver unique fabrication and construction requests for all sectors on time and to great accuracy.